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Arrma Granite Voltage 2WD 1/10 Monster Truck RTR Red/Black


Σε απόθεμα

Designed to be fast. Designed to be tough.


Σε απόθεμα

Designed to be fast. Designed to be tough.

Your path to power begins with the GRANITE VOLTAGE. It arrives ready-to-run out of the box with all the toughness and speed you can handle. Rookie, Intermediate and Pro settings let you practice your skills at your own pace. Two Lithium-Ion batteries are included, but you can maximize your run time by adding up to four more batteries. With the GRANITE VOLTAGE, ARRMA makes it easy for you to double – or even triple – your off-road fun.
  • 2-year limited warranty, beginning at the date of purchase.
  • MEGA 3-in-1 power system that combines the ESC, receiver and servo electronics in one unit and is completed with a MEGA 20T 540 motor.
  • 3-in-1 power system with MEGA 20T 540 motor, MEGA SRS ESC and receiver.
  • Two Li-Ion batteries – boost run times by adding up to four more Li-Ion batteries, or add a 6-cell NiMH battery or a 2S LiPo pack.
  • Li-Ion wall charger.
  • Ergonomic ATX101 2.4GHz radio system with waterproof ADS-5 SRS 70 oz.-in. torque servo.
  • dBoots Copperhead MT tires.
  • Tough multi-spoke wheels.
  • Oil-filled shocks.


Maximize your run-time. The ARRMA Voltage models get you shredding with two lithium-ion batteries included. Add an extra two or four ARRMA lithium-ion 18650 cells to double or triple your run-time.

ARRMA Voltage MEGA SRS cars include oil-filled shock absorbers as standard. The springs are loaded from the top of the shocks, making it almost impossible for springs to be lost.

Waterproof MEGA SRS ESC and ADS-5 SRS 70 oz.-in. torque servo.


dBoots Copperhead all-terrain tires, on tough multi-spoke wheels.


All new transmission design features wide, moulded composite gears that offer massive strength and durability. Power is transferred to the driveshafts through a gear differential with all-metal internal gears. The transmission features ball bearings throughout for smooth and efficient operation.


These differentials are TOUGH. The main differential gears have been super-sized with large pitch gears that have been designed to withstand huge torques, allowing lightweight composite material to be used for reduced rotating mass without compromising strength. The differential internals feature full-metal straight-cut gears, ensuring trouble-free operation.


The GRANITE VOLTAGE MEGA SRS is feature packed. It comes built with a metal-geared differential, tough multi-spoke wheels, double wishbone suspension and adjustable ride height suspension.


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