(BLH3739) – FAI Canopy, Red/Black/Yellow: Blade 130 X


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Product Description
Key Features

    Full FAI-style fuselage for the Blade® 130 X helicopter
    Two-piece plastic rear fuselage with one-piece removable canopy
    Perfect for aerobatic pilots looking for a clean fuselage that performs great in fast forward flight


The Blade® 130 X helicopter is not only perfect for thrilling 3D performance, but does effortless aerobatic routines as well. The FAI fuselage for the 130 X makes the entire platform fly extremely clean and is very easy to see in the air! Its two-piece rear fuselage design makes installation a breeze, and its single piece front canopy makes it easy when changing out the flight battery. Its lightweight plastic has no negative effects on flight performance and makes for the perfect aerobatic practice machine!


For the FAI/CIAM F3C competition class pilots must perform complex hovering and aerobatic maneuvers with a radio controlled model helicopter. Each maneuver must be executed with high precision and skill, in any attitude and under all weather conditions.

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