BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Wireless Sport in-Ear Earphones Black


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Li-ion battery with a capacity of 110 mAhLarge battery capacity and fast charging time.


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Dynamic transducer

Enhances the sound of instruments, makes the sound more natural, provides excellent sound quality at medium and high frequencies.


Microprocessor CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.1

The microprocessor ensures flawless sound quality.

Headphones with ear hook

Designed for active headphones, they perfectly fit into the ear, even during exercise. They can be comfortably worn for a long time.


Water resistance class IPX5

Connecting with devices

Headphones can be connected to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. After connecting the headphones to the mobile device, you can connect the other device manually and use both of them.

Li-ion battery with a capacity of 110 mAh

Large battery capacity and fast charging time.

Ιntelligent voice messages

Perfect match



BW-model BTS3
Type With earloop
Bluetooth Version CSR8635 V4.1
Reaction to a frequency of 20-20 kHz
Charging time <2 hours
Working time (listening to music) 8 hours
color red
Control panel supported
Transmission distance> 10 meters
Battery capacity 110mAh 3.7V
Working time (phone calls) 8 hours
Standby time 220 hours



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