DJI Mavic Pro Body & Battery Skin Sticker Shark Face 3M Waterproof (2 Pcs)


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Σε απόθεμα

Original 3M Scotchcal film:waterproof,thin and strong. Dual airslot,easy to paste.Won’t leave any glue on Mavic Pro after tearing off.
Make your Mavic Pro lively right now.Embossed on stickers surface with special processing, more lifelike.
1,2,3,4 battery stickers, to number your MAVIC batteries (In this way, you can easily distinguish which battery is out of power, which one has been used just now.)
This Shark stickers can be pasted on your cellphone, make your cellphone no longer drab.
Package Includes: 1pc Blue-eye Sticker & 1pc Black-eye Sticker

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