FatShark Dominator HDO OLED


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Fat Shark’s flagship HDO is the world’s first FPV goggle to use OLED display technology.

The HDO’s OLED display stack produces vivid colors and higher contrast ratios, giving pilots the ability to see better detail under challenging and changing lighting conditions. Fast-moving images also display better thanks to reduced artifacts from image retention. On top of the OLED module, Fat Shark’s patented optics produce crisp images from corner to corner on each display, alleviating any blurriness around the edges of the image.

Additional features include a higher-power module bay for power-hungry, next generation receivers and an improved user interface for better switching between HDMI and analog feeds.

Resolution: 960 x 720 (1024 x 800 screen)
Field of View: 37°
Image Aspect Ratio: 4:3
IPD: 59 – 69mm
Weight: 186g
Supports HDMI-in @ 1080P

Package included
1 x Dominator HDO Headset with fan-equipped faceplate
1 x Zipper Case
1 x Battery Case

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