Quickrelease P2V+ (swap Vision+ for GoPro and still use the APP)


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Introduction video:

It is now also possible to shoot images + photos remotely on GoPro + Quickrelease + Vision plus + Smart remote:
Normally you need to set the GoPro on record/timelapse before you go on a flight. It is now possible to shoot the images and video remotely on the Vision Plus with the Quickrelease + Smart Remote.

Quickrelease Sleeve:

The Quickrelease is developed for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. With the quickrelease sleeve you will be able to exchange the Vision+ camera/gimbal for another camera/gimbal (for example the Zenmuse with GoPro) and still use the Vision+ app for youre FPV live view. We are not using the wifi functionality of the Gopro, but we use the AV-Video output of the Gopro to see the footage directly and realtime on your DJI vision App (so no delay of FPV). The Quickrelease let the Phantom ΅thinkΆ the original camera is attached, therefore you also can fly the Phantom 2 without any camera on it and still have full flight info on the Vision+ APP. Getting the DJI Gimbal sleeve will make it able to connect the Zenmuse with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 series.

What are the sleeves add-on?

The sleeves are need to attach your gimbal. If you only want to use the Zenmuse you can use only add the Zenmuse sleeve, if you want to use both the Vision+ and the Zenmuse you will need to order both sleeves.
The GoPro before and after the upgrade:

7th channel feature (function is integrated in the Quickrelease):

The 7th channel feature is included. The 7th channel allows you to control the tilt with a slider/lever underneath the DJI Controller.
See on this video how the 7th channel function works:

Please note that you must also buy the Vision+ Sleeve OR the Zenmuse Sleeve you will find here

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