Tower Pro Petrol engine TP 33 ( two-stroke )


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Product description

Single cylinder , two-stroke engine with a capacity of 33cc . Small size and weight coupled with superb power , allow the full potential of aircraft grade 1.8.

Engine TP 33 is the ideal solution in models where the count performance while maintaining a small size as possible . But it does not end application engine TorqPro – due to low weight and moderate demand for fuel , it is also an interesting proposition for aircraft mock-up – large-size , noticeably lengthening the flight time . No need for a classic bed , an additional weight reduction and space savings .

Presented engine includes includes , among others, electronic ignition , muffler , spark plugs , gaskets , bolts and machined aluminum parts.

Technical specification

Displacement: 33cm³
    Piston diameter : 36mm
    The length of the piston stroke : 32.5mm
    Speed ​​range : 1100-9000 r / min
    Power : 3.85 hp / 9000 rev / min
    Motor weight : 974g
    The mass damper : 180g
    Weight of ignition : 107g
    Total engine weight : 1230g
    Recommended fuel : Volume mix gasoline with oil in a pile. 40: 1 ( Art) or 32 : 1 ( to reach )
    Type Carburetor : Walbro

Elements of the set

TP 33cc engine with carburetor Walbro
    The silencer mounted on the side
    Feet , washers and screws to fix the engine
    Gasket and screws to attach the silencer
    Candle NGK CM – 6
    Electronic ignition system



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