Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM


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Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 Optical Tachometer 1000~3600RPM

new Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 is here! Finally, there is an optical
heli-tach available that wont break the bank. Despite the low price,
this is a quality unit that will provide you with accurate headspeed
readings of your model helicopter. With its wide RPM range
(1000~3600RPM), it can be used for almost any size heli.

Turnigy Heli-Tach 3600 is very easy to use. Simply adjust the RPM by
pressing up or down on the side rocker switch. The LCD will display the
RPM value that you currently have set. Once the dots between numbers
disappear, the tach is fixed on that RPM. You will then look through the
viewing window at the heli blades as it is flying, and adjust the RPM
until the heli blades appear stationary. Once the blades appear
stationary, the RPM value on LCD will indicate the true RPM of the heli

*Note: Never attempt to use Heli-Tach
while flying your  model. Always have someone else take the RPM reading
for you as you fly, or have someone else fly your heli while you use the

Input Voltage: DC6V – 9.6V (9v Square battery pack – 6LR61)
RPM Range: 1000 – 3600 (+/-40)
(3600 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.6V)
(3500 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.5V)
(3400 RPM needs minimum input voltage above 6.0V)

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