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Viomi SE Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner / Cleaning Robot (Black)


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The latest generation Viomi SE cleaning robot is full of innovative solutions that make its work even more efficient.

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The floor has never been so clean before

The latest generation Viomi SE cleaning robot is full of innovative solutions that make its work even more efficient. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art laser radar, an integrated vacuuming and mopping system that will leave the floor clean and shiny. It effectively bypasses all obstacles and the robust high-power suction motor can handle all kinds of dirt and debris.

Planned and efficient work

The latest generation LDS precision laser radar has a 360-degree global scanning and mapping system that allows you to accurately plan your robot work. A high scanning frequency of 6 x 360°/sec, combined with a range of up to 8 meters, allows easy and fast control even in rooms with many obstacles.

Ultra powerful processor

Cortex-A7 chip with 1.2 GHz operating capabilities and SLAM algorithm enables fast operation and mapping and real-time route determination. Cleaning efficiency has been increased by 30% compared to the V2 Pro model by optimizing route selection to minimize cleaning time.

Effective regardless of surface

Intelligent updating and automatic recognition of multilayer maps and the absence of re-mapping allows for quick and easy use of the robot even in villas and multi-level houses. The robot stores up to 5 maps, so it will automatically adapt to the known space and effectively clean every room.

Work schedule for demanding

The application allows you to plan up to 7 works that allow you to choose the hours or rooms that need cleaning. Additionally, each of the diagrams gives the possibility to set a specific suction power, but also the level of mopping. The robot can treat each room differently, depending on the needs and level of dirt.

Amazing power

The extremely high suction power of 2200 Pa gives you unlimited possibilities in cleaning. The robot can easily deal with hair, food leftovers and dust. In addition, thanks to improvements in the engine compared to the V2 Pro, the cleaning performance on hard surfaces but also carpets has been significantly increased.

Trouble-free floor cleaning

The robot is equipped with a constant pressure water pump, which is not affected by the remaining volume of water and various external factors. Thanks to continuous operation, it ensures adequate humidity of the mop, and thus better cleaning performance. The water flow is controlled as needed, there are three levels to choose from, and a large mop with an area of 325 cm2 allows for thorough cleaning of any space.

The demanding route

The innovative Y-Mopping 2.0 system is an updated algorithm simulating multiple manual cleaning. Depending on the type of contamination, the robot will select the appropriate mode itself. The S-shaped route allows for efficient cleaning and quick removal of dust and dirt from surfaces. The Y-shaped track, on the other hand, is used for heavy dirt, which will be easily removed by bidirectional vacuuming and washing.

Long-lasting work for even better results

Highly efficient battery with a capacity of up to 3200 mAh allows for 150 minutes of uninterrupted operation. During one battery cycle, the robot can easily clean an area of almost 200 m2, i.e. the entire house or several times one apartment. The combination of an efficient battery and innovative mapping systems allowed to achieve such high efficiency and effectiveness of the device.

Obstacles are not a problem

The cleaning robot has the ability to overcome obstacles, gaining easy access in any room. It can easily handle all obstacles up to a height of 2 cm, thanks to a class 12 sensor, it detects, among other things, the carpet on which the device can drive.

Personalised cleaning

The robot allows you to determine the cleaning zones using the application. The freedom to select areas and rooms allows for fully customized cleaning. In addition, the system allows you to set up virtual walls or forbidden areas, so that the vacuum cleaner moves only in selected areas.

Easy language selection

Viomi SE supports 11 different languages, including Polish. It is easier than ever to understand specific statements of a robot. Language changes can be made in seconds in a dedicated application.

Continues the interrupted work

Intelligent resumption of the robot even after unloading allows you to continue cleaning in exactly the same place. When the battery is low, the device will stop working and return to the base, and when the battery is charged, it will return to its previous location, avoiding bypassing or repeating surface cleaning.

In the box

Viomi SE intelligent vacuum cleaner
Charging station
Power supply
Main brush
Water tank
Water tank / dust 2 in 1
Reusable wet wiping cloth
Reusable wet and dry wiping cloth
2 x Side brush


Model V-RVCLM21A
Dimensions 350 x 350 x 94,5 mm
Weight 4,4 kg
Battery capacity 3200 mAh
Suction power 2200 Pa
Dust container capacity 300 ml
Water container capacity 200 ml
App control Yes
Working time Up to 120 min
Functions Cleaning planning, self-loading, remote control, virtual wall, mopping
Maximum threshold height 2 cm

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