WP Britten Norman Islander

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Product information
The GRAUPNER BRITTEN NORMAN ISLANDER is a semi-scale model of the very well-known small transport aircraft, which is extremely popular in many countries all over the world. It is designed for SPEED 300 motors. Like the full-size aeroplane, the impressive feature of this model is its elegant lines. The specified SPEED 300 direct-drive motors provide an excellent performance. Thefuselage, tail panels and one-piece wing are supplied ready-made and film-covered, with the result that you can produce an elegant RC model after just a brief period at the building board.

Contents of the ARTF kit
Illustrated building instructions in German, English and French. Ready-made, film-covered major components including fuselage, fin and tailplane, wing and ailerons. White vacuum-moulded plastic cowls and fuselage nose, pre-formed undercarriage components, three 40 mm Ø Ultra-light wheels, large-format decal sheet, small items and linkage hardware pack.

RC functions

Wingspan approx. 1165 mm
Overall length approx. 820 mm
Wing area approx. 18.3 dm²
Tailplane area approx. 3.8 dm²
Total surface area approx. 22.1 dm²
All-up weight approx. 1000 g
Total surface area loading approx. 45.2 g/dm²

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