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YUKI MODEL lightweight wheel Ø127.00mm (5.00″)


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Σε απόθεμα

Low-maintenance landing wheels for model airplanes

The YUKI MODEL light wheels each consist of a molded plastic tire with a smooth surface, which is connected to a robust nylon rim. Thanks to the special foam used, the tires are particularly resistant to wear and tear or the formation of flat spots if the wheels remain in the same position for a long period of time under load. Although the tires are relatively sturdy, they are still lightweight and flexible enough to take even harder impacts on rough landings. Since these are not inflatable pneumatic tires, the associated repair and maintenance costs are not required. Thus, the visually appealing light bikes are also an inexpensive alternative for higher-quality flight models.


Diameter: 127,00 mm (5,00″)
Width: 39 mm
Wheel hub: 5 mm
Weight: 58 g
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