Puluz Set of Stickers and Fixings for Osmo Action / GoPro


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Set of Puluz stickers and mounts for attaching sports cameras


Σε απόθεμα

Set of Puluz stickers and mounts for attaching sports cameras

Focus, deep breath, adrenaline. Even standard sports can provide a small dose of excitement. You can capture your achievements with special sports cameras. To ensure a full range of movement and all the available options with the help of self-adhesive stickers attach your device to the helmet, the roof of the car or the surfboard.

Total freedom

The included stickers are made of high quality material, will ensure durability and allow for practical use. Quick connectors allow for easy and fast placement of the camera on various surfaces. The most important features of the set are: versatility and safety. Quick connectors included in the set are compatible with many sports cameras of popular brands, which, depending on our needs will fit to flat or curved surfaces. In addition, it provides easy removal of the camera without unsticking the mount.

Use it with confidence

You do not have to worry about losing your favorite equipment. Special glue adhesive provides a safe and stable fixing of the device to the chosen surface, regardless of its type and degree of curvature. You can enjoy the sport emotions with peace of mind and return to them memories on cloudy days.


Set includes:

  • 4x original inserts,
  • 2x flat quick disconnects,
  • 2x curved quick disconnects
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